Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Note

    • Welcome to the Baby Manual - What to Expect

    • First few days of motherhood babies and poo

    • Baby poo chart

    • First few days of motherhood and boobs

    • Breastfeeding resources

    • sterilising information

    • How to make formula

    • Anaesthetics and Pain relief Dr Judd

  • 2

    Week One

    • Welcome to week One- Welcome to The Baby Manual

    • Donna week 1 part 2 Babies changes

    • Week 1 part 1 Motherhood

    • Week 1- Rebecca Sabine- Physio

    • Week 1 - Dr. Chitti and Dr. Lang Paediatrician's

    • Storage of breastmilk and cleaning (sterilisation) bottles/ pumps

    • Bottle feeding

    • Skin changes and jaundice

    • Wrapping and layers

  • 3

    Week two

    • Welcome to Week Two- The dust settles.....

    • Donna Mansell- week two Mum changes

    • Donna Mansell- week two Baby info

    • Dr Chris Hughes- Normal changes post birth

    • Blocked ducts, mastitis and other boob issues

    • Rebecca Brook- Baby Massage Intro

    • Baby Massage oil information

    • First aid discussion with St John

    • CPR demonstration

  • 4

    Week Three

    • Welcome to Week Three- Get OUTTA the house!!!

    • Brooke Michelle- Infant sleep Discussion

    • Week 3- Donna - Get OTTA the house!

    • Week 3- Rebecca Sabine- Physio

    • Baby play and development of babies

  • 5

    Week Four

    • Welcome to Week Four- Life goes on....

    • Week four- Donna - Life goes on....

    • week 4- Dr Rebecca Perry- Diet discussion for mums

    • Top 5 activities to do with your 4 week old

    • Baby Carriers

    • Dads and parenthood

  • 6

    Week Five

    • Welcome to Week Five- And then it all changes....

    • Week 5- Dr Chris Hughes

    • Week 5_Video-2-Donna Mansell-And then it all changes

    • Baby sleep tips and tricks

  • 7

    Week Six

    • Welcome to Week Six- Coffee your new best friend!

    • Week 6- Donna- Coffee your new best friend

    • Week 6-Rebecca Sabine

    • Week 6-Anthony and Paul

    • Week 6-Brooke Michell

  • 8

    Week Seven

    • Welcome to Week Seven- Is it really like the magazines show you???

    • Week 7- Donna IS it really like the magazines show you?

    • week 7- Chelsea Mauch- Solids intro

    • Week 7- Jodie Benveniste- So this is Parenthood

  • 9

    Week Eight

    • Welcome to Week Eight- You made it....

    • Week Eight- Final Video

    • 4-6 month old first aid

    • Sleep and settling for an older baby Dr Hayley Dohnt

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