• Video based information

    Want advice anytime? Tune into our expert advice to help guide you through each weeks challenges as they happen. Our experts will not only give you great advice but also help you understand 'why' things keep changing

  • Support for the family

    Not only do we support a new mum through the challenges of early motherhood but we have specific content for dads to understand how they can help make the tricky times easier and build a great understanding of parenthood.

  • Expert advice

    Are you sick of getting confused advice that doesn't make sense? or work? We pride ourselves on only getting the expert advice on each topic. This will help you understand the changes and challenges of parenthood rather than looking for a magical cure around every corner


“I can’t recommend this enough. Donna's no nonsense but gentle style and information couple with expert opinion makes this a usable, informative and entertaining find. I am so grateful for the info and it was definitely the highlight of my week every week watching the videos. Every mum of a newborn (even if it’s not your first) needs this in their life.”

Kristy Marie

“Absolutely love The Baby Manual. I found prior to the birth of my baby I was inundated with information and advice about pregnancy and feeding your baby but there was nothing about what to do when your baby was born. As a first time mum I found it very overwhelming. Donna is amazing and gives you real information about what to expect with your baby on a weekly basis. She answered so many of my questions! Such valuable information. I would highly recommend it to all expecting mums.”

Tori C