The Baby Manual - Full course

New parent course to guide you through baby's first 8 weeks. | taught by Donna Mansell

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Welcome to Parenthood...

We don't just want you to survive the first eight weeks we want you to love them! The Baby Manual is your shoulder to lean on, tool kit of tricks, years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that all parents wish they had when embarking on parenthood. Whether this is your first experience, or you recognise that parenting could be a whole lot easier this time, you have what it takes and The Baby Manual will help you discover that.

This course if for those new parents that are just home from hospital or early in parenthood.

it will start all the fantastic content for you today!

So we can get you feeling confident and content with this new little baby

Donna Mansell
Donna Mansell
Founder of MotherNurture and The Baby Manual

Donna is a Midwife, Nurse and a Lactation Consultant. She has worked with new parents for the last 16 years helping them bring new life into the world and ensuring they are confident with what to do next. Donna runs her private practice in Adelaide, SA. MotherNurture has been helping new parents since 2009. She also has two lovely children and a very supportive husband.

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